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" Barmouth Kitchen is a small independent cafe opened by ten local families to provide our area of Wandsworth with great coffee, a friendly atmosphere and lovely food! "

Coffee & Food

Our Coffee

Lattes, machiatto, espresso - whatever your choice of coffee our experienced baristas will ensure that you have the perfect cup to drink in or take with you. We grind our coffee beans for immediate use so you get the fullest possible flavour. The beans are roasted in small batches so that the beans that make your coffee are fresh and full of flavour. By cutting out all middlemen, the farmers are better rewarded, and the quality of the beans is assured.We use semi-skimmed milk - but if you prefer your drink skinny or made with soya - just let us know.

Our Teas

Our teas are supplied by teapigs provide wholeleaf tea in biodegradable tea temples. We have a large selection of fruit and herbal teas as well as Earl Grey and English Breakfast. And if you prefer your tea in a pot - just let us know!

Our Wines

Our wines are produced by small owner operated vineyards that give a fantastic alternative to mass produced supermarket offerings, at prices that are competitive. We offer delightful wines from both the new and the old world, and we think that you will enjoy discovering them, either by the glass at Barmouth Kitchen, or at home. For larger orders, discounts are available.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm Sat 10am - 2pm


Contact details

2 Barmouth Road
SW18 2DN

Tel: 020 8704 4413